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Rocío, first contract for the Foundation in Saona


Rocío Gutiérrez is a 19 year old young woman who has several work experiences as a waitress, and specific training in the field of hospitality. Her teamwork skills, cooperation, communication skills and learning strategies made her want to be part of Saona after her journey through Soñar Despierto, where she proved that her youth was not at odds with her maturity.

This is why it has become the first recruitment of the Foundation in the Group led by Gonzalo Calvo, and that is the first step of a project that wants to extend in time and that is aimed at getting new possibilities and career options to young people who, beforehandIf they do, they may find it more difficult to find a job in which they can demonstrate their talents or personal motivation and develop as a person.

This first contract for Rocío represents a turning point and an opportunity to be able to train, learn and continue growing in the company, where she has been welcomed by her colleagues with open arms and, together, learn and manage new synergies.