Saona Casino Agricultura;
we return to our origins with our 30th venue.

The historic Casino de Agricultura is located in the heart of Valencia and dates back to 1859. It has now been renovated with a more Mediterranean feel.

Come and enjoy our MENU and let yourself be seduced by the great views.

Give experiences,
give Saona

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Tasting menu.
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Choose this option and enjoy 6 individual STARTERS , with our exclusive Peking duck croquette and the best Saona recipes.
- Choose your favourite main course from the MENU options of the day and be transported to the Mediterranean in every bite.
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Saona &

In our commitment to society, Saona joins the Asindown Foundation to support and give visibility to people with intellectual disabilities. Together with Asindown we celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities and we distribute their "Genetically Rebellious" solidarity cups in some of our restaurants.