Love of

The good life is synonymous with good food. Try our delicious recipes every day and take pleasure in them as a matter of course.

The good food,
now also
at work

Saona Empresas brings varied and balanced menus to your workplace for lunch from Monday to Friday.

Saona comes from a love

Love for a cove in Formentera, for a person, for a way of eating, feeling and living.

Love of the
also in
the distance.

Try our service to pick up at the premises or if you prefer we can take it home. Know our security measures ➝


Love of

Posidonia oceanica, a marine plant declared a World Heritage Site, is the lungs of the Mediterranean. It serves as a refuge for more than 1,000 species and helps to have a healthy, clean and beautiful sea.

Discover the work that the artist Ana Docavo has created in our restaurant Saona in Jávea and immerse yourself in our posidonia prairie.