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Saona presents the first Banoffee Nougat to sweeten the Christmas season


Grupo Saona wants this Christmas to be as magical as the first, recalling the original recipes of its most iconic dishes. And there is no sweet more special for us than the Banoffee Cake, a dessert based on toffee, banana, cookie and cream. This holiday season, we have decided to turn this cake into the most representative sweet of Christmas: the Banoffee Nougat, a gift that we will deliver in all our restaurants until January 6th.

Banoffee pie has become one of Saona's most representative dishes, with a recipe that remains faithful to its beginnings, and which is always one of the dishes most requested by customers. That is why, this year, our Christmas greeting shows this very familiar and homemade history of the beginnings of Saona, which Gonzalo Calvo also maintains today. A video greeting to tell us about the evolution and creation of Banoffee Nougat by Gonzalo and Carla, in an endearing phone call, with images of the past and a nice return to the present to taste this nougat.

The Banoffee Nougat is, in fact, an unprecedented variety, as it is the first nougat of this flavour, as there is no similar option on the market that can match this combination of flavours or this recipe. Therefore, the new Banoffee Nougat will be a gift for all customers who visit any of our 35 Saona restaurants during this Christmas season, so that they can enjoy the flavours of always like never before.