We like the way we live, we value and take care of all the good things we have. This is our commitment to the Mediterranean, which we love so much.
We want you to meet people committed to its conservation, to discover the best Mediterranean routes to enjoy life and artists whose works reflect the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Sea Turtle Night

We continue to carry out actions to raise awareness and respect for the environment, within our project #MediterráneoBonito. Again accompanied by our friends from the Xaloc Association, on July 15th we enjoyed an educational activity at the Parador del Saler, 'The Night of the Sea Turtle'.

A very special day, where the Saona team, together with the youngest members of the family, were led by expert technicians to carry out nest detection raids and receive training on the protocol for action in the event of finding a sea turtle.

For us it is very important to work to preserve the Mediterranean, and what better way to do it than by involving our children in this great project in which we are accompanied by both Xaloc, a leading association in environmental care, and Cafés Candelas, collaborators of our actions included in #MediterráneoBonito.

Beach clean-up day

In line with our commitment to the Mediterranean, on 7 June we held a beach clean-up day in Pinedo (Valencia) together with our friends from the Xaloc Association, and thanks also to the collaboration of Cafés Candelas, fellow travellers in the Mediterráneo Bonito project, in which we want to demonstrate our commitment to achieving a better and more habitable space for everyone.

One of the pillars of this project was, precisely, to carry out this first day to raise awareness and promote how important it is to keep our beaches clean and in a responsible way.

Collaboration with the
association Xaloc

In Saona we collaborate with Xaloc spreading the values of respect and involvement with the protection of the Mediterranean and working actively in the conservation of sea turtles, emblematic animals of our oceans and our planet.

Conservation of
the loggerhead turtle

This 2021, in addition to helping to recover the oceanic posidonia with Save Posidonia Project, we are collaborating with the Xaloc association and the CRAM Foundation to continue contributing to the preservation of the Mediterranean and its marine fauna, one of our greatest riches.

Manu San Felix, the protector of the Mediterranean

A marine biologist and National Geographic explorer, he has dedicated his life to researching and caring for nature. In 1992 he made his first dive into the Mediterranean where he discovered Posidonia oceanica and was amazed by this unique plant in the world.
From that moment, he moved his residence to Formentera to help protect and conserve the Mediterranean.

Ana Docavo, the artist of the sea

Posidonia oceanica, a marine plant declared a World Heritage Site, is the lungs of the Mediterranean. It serves as a refuge for more than 1,000 species and helps to have a healthy, clean and beautiful sea.

Discover the work that the artist Ana Docavo has created in our restaurant Saona in Jávea and immerse yourself in our posidonia prairie.

On the road in the Mediterranean

In the Mediterranean we know how lucky we are to have that light and colors that nature gives us.
In this section we leave you our favorite places that make the Mediterranean a unique place.

Cala Saona. Formentera

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Sa Tuna. Cap de creus

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Mermaid Reef. Cat's head

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