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An exciting dinner with the young people of Dream Awake in Madrid

Talk by Gonzalo Calvo


Last December, the Saona Zurbarán restaurant was the place chosen to celebrate a dinner of illusion, of sharing experiences and of being able to live together as a family. 12 young people in a vulnerable situation participated in this first meeting with Saona workers in which they were able to enjoy the flavour of the Mediterranean as the axis of future, hopeful and satisfactory projects.

The young people of Soñar Despierto were able to learn about the project of collaboration with Saona, solve their doubts, show their interest in cooking or entrepreneurship. A dinner that was fruitful and very special for everyone, as it was also held the week before Christmas, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere as is characteristic of the restaurants of Saona, a company founded in 2013 by Gonzalo Calvo.