Our commitment to the Mediterranean is in our DNA and at Saona we are aware that many marine species are in danger of extinction and are of vital importance to the health of the oceans. For this reason, once again this year we continue to collaborate with initiatives that allow us to care for the marine ecosystem.

From Saona we want to contribute to the conservation of the Loggerhead Turtle, so that its habitat, the Mediterranean, is healthier, cleaner and more beautiful.

This year, in addition to helping to recover the oceanic Posidonia with Save The Posidonia Project, we are collaborating with the Xaloc association and the CRAM Foundation to continue contributing to the preservation of the Mediterranean and its marine fauna, one of our greatest riches.

Collaboration with the
association Xaloc

In Saona we collaborate with Xaloc spreading the values of respect and involvement with the protection of the Mediterranean and working actively in the conservation of sea turtles, emblematic animals of our oceans and our planet.

Actions to raise awareness and conservation of the loggerhead turtle and the Mediterranean.

Throughout the year and with the help of Xaloc, we carry out actions for the awareness and conservation of the loggerhead turtle and the Mediterranean Sea, ranging from:
- Cleaning of beaches and seabed.
- Information days to raise awareness about the care of our seas.
- Custody and care of turtle nests.
- Outings to the sea with fishing associations.

Help us to take care of the most emblematic species of the Mediterranean.

We join the CRAM Foundation to help the recovery of the loggerhead sea turtle.

Saona supports CRAM in the conservation and recovery of marine fauna, with special attention to the loggerhead turtle, a protected and highly vulnerable species. The conservation of the marine environment is of vital importance to continue fighting against the threats that endanger its great biological wealth.

The Loggerhead Turtle, emblematic species of the Mediterranean Sea

As part of our collaboration with CRAM, we help the recovery of the Loggerhead Turtle, as without them the maintenance of the reef ecosystem or even the transport of nutrients to the beaches would be impossible.

The Loggerhead Turtle by Ana Docavo

As part of our commitment to the Mediterranean and the Loggerhead Turtle, we wanted to give it visibility through a travelling exhibition in our restaurants, which began with the opening of Saona Aribau in Barcelona.

The loggerhead turtle, or Caretta Caretta, is one of the most common species that inhabits the Mediterranean Sea, and is in danger of extinction, which is why the artist Ana Docavo, together with the studio 5punto1, have created a unique handmade piece that helps us to raise awareness of the importance of protecting this species and prevent its disappearance.

In addition, in this exhibition, the restaurants are offering the chance to win a double dinner to customers who help us to spread the word. We encourage our customers to upload their photographs and to tell us on social networks how they are doing their bit to make the Mediterranean a better place.

Introducing Julen

Julen is a juvenile Caretta Caretta turtle weighing 6 kilos that was admitted to the CRAM recovery centre after being accidentally fished by a trawling net. In a first assessment, it was observed that the specimen had a fracture in the shell.
Fortunately, Julen is stable in the ICU, receiving all the attention he needs from volunteers and the veterinary team of CRAM.

Through our social networks we will keep you informed of his progress.
Cheer up Julen!

Julen is coming home!

A few months ago we introduced you to Julen, a young Caretta Caretta turtle weighing 6 kilos, who was admitted to the CRAM recovery centre. After a few months where he has received all the necessary attention, Julen has recovered from his shell fracture.

Thanks to this favourable evolution with the help of our friends from CRAM, Julenhas been able to return to his natural habitat fully recovered. We hope he enjoys his freedom and our beloved Mediterranean again.